The importance of water resources engineering should not be underestimated.  While water is one of our most precious resources, it also poses a huge threat to the environment, infrastructure, and public safety.  At Coldwater Engineering, we take pride in being specialized in this field.

As the name suggests, Coldwater Engineering has been built on the foundation of water resources.  Our staff has extensive experience in this field with a focus in hydrology and hydraulics (H&H).

Why use Coldwater Engineering as your H&H consultant? 
Cost Savings.

  • We accurately design and size a structure to criteria and code without over-designing.  This leads to a decrease in materials and time.
  • Our H&H studies include structure recommendations, which gives the client options on how to proceed with the structural design.  Depending on the structure, the design could be done in-house.
  • We have first-hand experience with permitting and structural design.  Our structure recommendations are both buildable and permit-friendly.  This saves time and money by getting it right the first time.

Coldwater Engineering's water resources capabilities include:


  • Open channels
  • Bridges, culverts, and siphons
  • HEC-RAS, HY-8, FlowMaster, CulvertMaster
  • Site survey

Retention & Detention Ponds:

  • Designed and sized to code
  • Design plans and specifications
  • Post-project monitoring

Storm Analysis:

  • Data collection
  • Rainfall event estimation
  • Runoff event estimation
  • Flood documentation
  • High water mark survey


  • Basin delineation
  • Peak discharges
  • Hydrographs
  • TR-55, TR-20, Rational Method
  • Gaged data, Log Pearson Type III analysis
  • HEC-HMS, HydroCAD, regression equations

Scour & Countermeasures:

  • Pier, contraction, and abutment scour estimates
  • Channel degradation and aggradation
  • Scour countermeasures
  • Energy dissipators
  • Inspection
  • Design plans and specifications
  • Monitoring

Storm Sewer Design

  • New or rehabilitation
  • Design plans and specifications