Railroad Engineering


Everyone at Coldwater Engineering has extensive experience working in the railroad industry.  Plainly put, we serve the railroad industry.  This is what we do and why the firm was created.

The Coldwater Engineering team can meet the hydrologic and hydraulic, environmental permitting, survey, emergency response, and general civil engineering needs for any railroad client.  We have experience on hundreds of Class I railroad projects that have taken us across the country and given us a wide range of experience. 

We approach every project with the client’s needs in mind.  With our integrated approach of surveying, analysis, recommendations and permitting, we bring a broad project understanding and are able to save big on budget.  While we follow a standard approach, we understand that every job is unique and make sure we deliver the best solutions possible.  If a project has a tight deadline, we will put in the extra hours to ensure the work gets done on time.  Most importantly, we will maintain constant communication until project completion and will follow up to ensure that we have met the client’s needs.

The following is an overview of Coldwater Engineering's railroad engineering capabilities:

  • Water Resources Engineering
    • H&H studies
    • Scour and countermeasure design
    • Ditch design
    • Storm analysis
    • Drainage program management
  • Environmental Permitting
    • Floodplain permitting
    • Wetlands permitting
    • NPDES permitting
    • Water quality monitoring
  • Survey
    • Hydraulic surveys
    • Bridges and culverts
    • General topography
    • 3D scanning
  • Drafting
    • Site layout
    • Bridge and culvert drawings
    • Structure recommendation drawings
    • Access Figures
  • Emergency Response
    • Construction oversight
    • On-site hydraulic analysis